Social commitment

Through our enhanced understanding of responsibility, we are in no doubt that we need to give something back. Global Equity Associates AG is therefore committed to helping social organisations and supports carefully selected relief projects for children in need.

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Youth Innovation Fund Egypt

The political and economic turmoil in the Middle East has affected, above all others, those who were excluded from the decision-making processes and could barely defend themselves: children and adolescents. Hopelessness and despair characterise the difficulties of their daily life. At Global Equity Associates AG, we have decided to support the project "Youth Innovation Fund Egypt - help for self-help for disadvantaged young people in Egypt" of the Organisation Swiss Academy for Development. We are confident that the dedicated employees on the ground in the region and in Switzerland play an important role in giving many young people in Egypt a new perspective, a new chance. The Youth Innovation Fund is based on offering help to unemployed, but active young people to help themselves. At the heart of this project is "green entrepreneurship: Tackling youth unemployment and the overexploitation of natural resources". Global Equity Associates AG is proud to promote this sustainable project based on self-help. You can find out more information about the organisation and the project at:

or here