Private Equity Investments

A profitable alternative to conventional investments.

GEA AG Private Equity Investments
GEA AG Private Equity Investments
GEA AG Private Equity Investments
GEA AG Private Equity Investments

"Honour makes a great part of the reward of all honourable professions."   - Adam Smith

Global Equity Associates, because…

We focus on investments in shares of unlisted companies in Switzerland.

Our business is run by a group of experienced Swiss businessmen.

We are funded exclusively through our own resources and bank loans. Payments are not accepted from customers under any circumstances.

The attractive alternative to conventional investments and asset markets

the ideal way for both private investors and small and medium-sized enterprises to gain access to the capital market

Since the traditional asset markets have become less stable over recent years and have suffered a loss in confidence as a result, investment solutions represent an attractive alternative in the area of private equity investments which is currently enjoying growing popularity. For the Swiss economy, it is essential that small and medium-sized enterprises have access to the capital market and that private and institutional investors can make direct investments. Global Equity Associates AG supports investors and entrepreneurs in a successful mediation process.


Tailor-made solutions

for private investments in unlisted companies

Diversified solutions for individual needs

Whether you are a private or institutional investor - at Global Equity Associates Ltd we offer our customers individually customised and economically successful solutions, by allowing them to investment their own funds directly in unlisted companies. As a leading and well known company for the reputable brokerage and placement of investments, Global Equity Associates AG is pleased to provide potential investors and customers with advice and look for profit-oriented solutions. Mutual trust and transparency are a top priority for us and form the basis of our success.


Business Angels

Active shareholders influence the responsible use of a company's financial resources - a win-win situation

When shareholders are actively and directly involved in a company, they contribute in many ways to its success, as through the personal involvement of investors, the managers develop a greater sense of responsibility for financial resources and strive for stable and long-term oriented growth.

As business angels, our customers can support the founder(s) of a company from the very early stages and closely follow the development of the company right from the start.